If you are interested in learning which are the hottest video games that will be coming your way in 2014, check out the lines below. The Japanese role playing video game “X” (temporary titles) which will be published by the fellows at Nintendo or Dreadlocks’ “Dex” are just a couple of the titles you could be frantically waiting for in the new year.


X – The Art Of Japanese Role-Playing


With a final name yet to come, the Japanese role-playing game developed by the fellows at Monolith Soft will be published under the direct surveillance of industry giant Nintendo. It will be inserted in the Seno series of the company and will be released in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan in 2014. The game is an open world role playing video game which will mainly focus on the element of exploration.


Players will be allowed to choose between various travelling options: they can do it either by foot, using large robots taking the form of humans called dolls, which are four times bigger than the average characters in the game play. They will gain complete control over these special character and they will be able to go through waters, fly, or turn into tanks, motorcycles or other vehicles. Video game players who are passionate about aerial battles will be pleased to learn that they will be able to embrace these types of battles within the game as well.


“X” Game Development – Highlights


The Japanese game was revealed to the public in 2013 with the help of a direct video created by the guys at Nintendo, followed by a demonstration during the E3 2103 which officially confirmed the release for the much anticipated game. All game characters have been designed by Kunihiko Tanaka, who is the artist you can find behind the Xenogears characters. The game will feature music created by Hiroyuki Sawano.


Dex – Sidescrolling Cyberpunk Indie Video Game


Dex is a game developed by the fellows at Dreadlocks Ltd and it will be a, action role playing video game released in 2014. Funded by the guys at Kickstarter, the game was originally introduced to the public in 2012 and its release was planned in 2013. Nevertheless, due to some economic downfalls, the game will only be officially launched in 2014.


It will rely on a RPG platform and it will be set in an open world divided into single locations such as stores or homes. Even a kickbox arena and a casino have been introduced inside the game. Cyber implants will enable brand new abilities and players will enjoy multiple side quests despite of the game’s linear character.


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