Small rewards are excellent ideas while you are still at the beginning of your work outs and you are still struggling to find the motivation to drive to the gym or put on your running shoes and get out of the house. Once you set the right pace and you get into the repetitive rhythm of your work outs, you shouldn’t have such a problem sticking to your gym schedule and pre-set goals. But in the meanwhile, and also every time you complete difficult training sessions it has taken you a lot of time and perspiration to get to, you are also recommended to use a special reward system to keep you going both mentally and physically.

The Benefits Of Motivating Rewards

Just like puppy training works better when tasty snacks are used as rewards for every successfully executed command, pretty much the same goes for rewards for bodybuilders who gradually reach their aimed goals. Completing a marathon or a triathlon, reaching the desired weight or muscle size are all good events that should inspire you to reward yourself with whatever pleases you most. As long as it is not something overly-exaggerated such as a meal that is so rich in calories that it can completely interfere with your regular diet, pretty much anything goes.


For instance, ladies can buy the pair of shoes or the new lipstick they’ve been dying to get for a while. Gentlemen can reward themselves with a trip to Vegas where they can feel even more like a Vegas winner, especially if they surround themselves with friends or relatives they will have a blast with. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, unless you truly want to make it like that – memorable enough to push you over your limits next time you will try to achieve something similar. Of course you can limit yourself to playing a couple of poker games online on the Vegas Winner site instead of traveling all the way to Sin City and wagering for real money is also an option- maybe leave that for your 30-pund weight loss goal. But no matter if you are planning on buying new gym clothes every time you reach a milestone of your work out or you are planning on going on a nice exotic vacation when you reach your major goal, the results will be the same – you will feel much more motivated and satisfied with your hard work and efforts and it will help you push yourself even more from that point on.