Sunday, February 17, 2013

1:00 PM to

Ruscombe Mansion Community Health Center

4801 and 4803 Yellowwood Avenue, Baltimore, MD

workshop fee: $30.00/per person

Ayurveda (“the science of life”) categorizes human beings into three basic different Dosha constitutions, or biological humors.  These are Vata (air/ether element), Pitta (fire element), and Kapha (water/earth element). For each Dosha, there are specific recommendations for posture, breath, and the way in which one goes about their own personal practice and lifestyle.  These recommendations fundamentally have to do with either heating the body up, or cooling the body down.  In this workshop, we will investigate these three biological humors, and do a preliminary diagnosis to determine which Dosha you tend most towards.  After determining this, we will investigate the kinds of practice that are suitable for each, and explore ways of working that will bring greater balance and harmony both within your practice, and within your life.

Maré Hieronimus is a Brooklyn based dance artist, performer and teacher with over 14 years of experience in her field. Committed to the practice of movement as a healing art form, her unique approach, under the umbrella The Body Archive, is a synthesis of her studies in Yoga, somatic practice, dance, and Ayurvedic and Vedic Philosophy. Through delicate shifts of the inner body, and continuous internal movement connected to breath, her classes explore a full embodiment of Asana through deep connection to the core body and subtle energy work. With a focus on alignment, clarity, and freedom, her intention is to provide an environment where students are able to experience the innate wisdom of the moving body. Maré holds an MFA in Dance from Sarah Lawrence College (2005), is a certified Movement Analyst through the Laban Institute of Movement Studies (2003), a Certified Yoga Teacher through Integral Yoga (2002), and is currently Studying Ayurvedic Healing through the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

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