Follow this link to one Visionary’s project we can all be thankful for. www.Catalog.Earth

Support Catalog.Earth, a project by David Al-Ibrahim and Saba Singh.

“It’s called Catalog.Earth. Our mission is to preserve some of the world’s most endangered landscapes in 360 video before they are destroyed by deforestation, climate change, and even warfare. We are trying to build a virtual and lasting archive of these perishable places, where anyone (students, artists, scientists, non-profits, etc.) can access and use the footage for free.” This would be part of a commons audio, visual library of our Planet now, for the future.

View the Kick Starter.

Check it out and please forward to anyone you think might be interested in supporting this beautiful effort. We are and hope you be will too.

Drs. Bob and Zoh Hieronimus