Prophecy distinguishes itself from all other arts and intuitive talents. It delegates to the Prophet an unequalled status among their peers as the Creator’s representative. They are found to be of good character, wise judgment, merciful hearts, righteous and diligent in study, teaching, and practice of their faith.

Prophecy as the supreme language of the soul, is a vehicle by which the Creator instructs His people. Those gifted with Prophetic talent are by their very presence, performing the role of teacher and guide to the community, no matter how quiet or robust their public standing.

The Rambam explains that a Prophet’s unusual capacity to hear the word of God through the various faculties of perception, results from the combination of a strong intellect and a vigorous imagination. Prophecy is the overflow of the presence of the Holy One to that individual, group or nation. Required are both the faculty of courage and an aptitude for divination.