Spiritus Magazine interviews Zohara on Mediumship. Spring 2012

Baltimore Jewish Times reviews Zohara Hieronimus’ Kabbalistic Teachings of The Female Prophets, The Seven Holy Women of Ancient Israel

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings Volume 2: Riddles in Stone – The Secret Architecture of Washington D.C. (2007) Film/Documentary Credit

Baltimore Jewish Times featuring Zohara and her book Kabalistic Teachings of the Female Prophets. October 2008.

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Baltimore Sun, Goldmine, City Paper, Baltimore Messenger, Owings Mills Times, and the Dundalk Eagle cover the Garland Appeal Benefit and Zohara’s Garland Award for Excellence. March 2005.

City Paper awards Zoh Hieronimus with the Best Radio Talk Show award. Online version of Best Radio Talk-Show Host award. September 2001.

WCMB 860 Newsletter article on Zoh Hieronimus Live from London and the BBC. Winter 1999.

Zohara Heronimus awarded Patriot of the Year Award and comments from The Maryland House and other legislators. April, 1997.

Libertarian Party News celebrates Zoh’s talk radio show. September 1996.

Baltimore Magazine‘s At Home With Zoh and Dr. Bob. November 1997.

Baltimore Jewish Times featured the “Little Help From Our Friends” mural on the Safe and Smart Center in Waverly. August, 16, 1996.

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Baltimore Magazine says “Zoh Knows”. September 1994.

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