Oct.5, 2011

Prayer is powerful. Those who know this from personal experience use prayer for seeking guidance from G-d about their own lives, for healing themselves and others. One can use prayer to praise G-d for the miracle of life itself and the things we have to be grateful for. Many people like myself, pray to G-d for divine insight about the world and how to bring peace and harmony to everyone on earth.

I have never in my entire life received a message of hate from prayer nor a message of division. I have never while praying, received any instructions that involve intolerance, elimination of other people, or lack of understanding that souls have many ways to find Him, of finding that inner home of the heart which G-d illuminates within each one of us.

The G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, the same G-d that Jesus worshipped, does not advocate bigotry – but always the exhortation to eliminate bigotry within us.  The “Christ” being paraded about as a slogan in the DC40 Campaign of Christian militants, is not what the Jewish sage they love ever taught.

If Jesus is the teacher, what he teaches us about becoming ‘anointed priests’ is what the Ancient Hebrews teach as well – to become an anointed one requires complete and total self-mastery, complete and unwavering love of and compassion for all people. Which of those who now preach intolerance and claim revelatory discretion can resurrect the dead, lay hands on the sick and heal, surrender their egos to experience the revelation of Oneness, and show us what every human being is designed to accomplish; to become prophets who bring the world to unity, love and compassion for each other and faith in One G-d?

To complement this spiritual work of self-refinement, is what the Statue of Liberty guards, a nation made of independent States in which every person is guaranteed religious freedom and political representation as citizens of their State.  Therefore, the only Christ District the DC40 should be focused on, is the one in their hearts, the place of each person’s seat of self-governance.

Zohara M. Hieronimus, D.H.L.