HieroniMusing originally posted 8/26/01

Notes on Prayer written 8/20-25/2001

The following writings on the subject of prayer, are actually taken from my daily notebook. These are working notes. I thought though, as working notes about my own exploration of prayer, that they might stimulate your special way of appreciating the power of prayer. As a collection of notes, they were written without consideration for a reader. But in rereading them now a number of times, as observations, they invite every reader to reflect for a moment on our divine capacity to help shape the world of tomorrow, by our loving feelings and thoughts of this day. It is my hope, that all of us can learn to hold each other in our hearts as loving, divine humans. That when we quiet ourselves for a moment each day, we can add our good will to the unfolding beauty of humanity’s awakening, for the good of the world and the planet. When for even a moment, we embrace the earth and each other in love, we are co-creating the world’s future peace and right order now. We as a community become one, in our joining to nurture the world with love. In prayer, we are one. In life we are one. Let’s declare it, together.

Transcribed from handwritten notebook
Prayer is a gesture that comes from within. It is a posture that enables the soul to talk. Prayer is vertical positions and a horizontal crossing. It is an event that holds in itself both soul and spirit, where they meet in body and in space.

Prayer allows the heart to be heard, to speak it’s need and to praise. To unite itself to the oneness it is derived from. Prayer recognizes the longing for union,and makes sacred the effort to find resolution in the tension between our mortality and immortality. Prayer is soul talk and spirit speaking. The soul asks and spirit answers.

Prayer surrounds space as though it were a bowl. It holds for a moment, a suspended thought and then places it in the true universal stream to the central heart.The inner earth’s desire.There once heard, thought dissolves and its shadow lingers as though a sustained breath across the water rippling to unfolding potential.

When we pray there is an essential core desire to find solution or give thanks for circumstance. Thus we find in prayer an ability to be more than our bodies, more than our present. We in fact, often are while the prayer, stretching towards the future and reflecting past. Thus while praying we enjoy the full emodiement of who we are at the moment and who we might become. We are a declaration of sovereign being.

To sense the moment of the prayer, is to cease praying and to become only the prayer, the unity of its direction. It is to neither hold nor to inform, but to unfold inside the silence of the form the prayer itself creates. Prayer allows us to inhabit the invisible forms that usher from our soul’s, albeit sometimes we are unconscious of this fundamental inhabiting. Instead some experience the reverse, a sense of separation. This is less prayer and more so requesting.

It is the asking for some outer realm to create for person, the circumstance of their desire, which is not prayer, as it is requisition. Rather than participating in an unfoldment of answer, there is a need for concrete shape, for solution, not to be found, but to be given. This is not prayer. This is a frame in time of needing. That which we feel we cannot find alone.

8/21/01- 7 am

Spirit has many ways of showing itself to our lives, and being reverent to it’s presence, it’s service to us, we are able to create a life that is fastened to soul and spirit.

The Task is to see spirit’s presence and in acknowledging it, it’s own sense of beingness is increased and hence a semi-sort of concertized relation into our daily lives.

Thus the simplest of gesture in honor of spirit increases its wanting to be part of any person’s constellated life. Without thanksgiving, it retreats as though in darkness, it cannot shine, darkness in this case being shut down or closed off emotions.

Spirit is an ever flowing stream of love. It looks for people and places that honor it, invite it in, revere it, utilize it, give it to others. It is a free flowing expression of deity’s presence and cannot be bottled up nor utilized for selfish purposes. Spirit finds even the smallest of channels, the most petit of devotions, the most uncommon of genuine reflections to inhabit—spirit is what expresses what we call hope.

It is itself reflecting inwards and hence from within outwards. As once within, it must move towards without. Spirit likes to create unions, of motions and patterns of harmony. Rhythms entice spirit’s presence, rhythm increases it potency, rhythmic prayer thus is a way in which soul invites spirit in. Soul creates the opportunity for spirit to inhabit, it is soul that holds the key to spirit’s presence, its depth of penetration, its power of resonance, its ability to hold a revelation, to reveal itself and what is of the deified one and in many hierarchical expressions.

Soul is to spirit as the sun is to the moon of our world, soul inhabits each incarnational body, spirit animates it. Spirits breath ignites life or signals its end, in bodily form. Thus a soul with periodicity to its longing, without rhythmic and patterned life, complicates the opportunity for cosmic forces ( spirit) to be held in purposeful tasking. Instead it comes hither and dither not because it is less available to any one person, but because any person can choose to ignore it.

The bounty is before our eyes and many go about increasing their hunger as if made to choose not feast but famine, not joy but sorrow, not light but darkness. To invite spirit into prayer is to surrender one’s sense of what should come and in what fashion. It is to invite the magnificent ability of cosmic interplay, to be part of the daily.
It is soul asking what is outside of itself to come within, to be unified in its caring for the world and other. Prayer is a marriage of soul and spirit, bride and groom. It declares one incomplete without the other, impotent without collaboration.

Prayer is a daily way in which soul and spirit commingle, thus strengthening its mutual recognition of this tandem sensitivity, that they exist for and naturally because of one another, each sustaining the other.

Deep soul without spirit can lead to depression. High spirit without soul can lead to neurosis. But deep soul and high spirit lead to coherence, in sense of purpose and in powerful currents which invigorate the collective will of humanity and nurture the collective love of the godly beings.

Thus to pray is to act from deepness of composure and past patterns, melded to unknown potentials, unfolding outwards. The soul as the seed, the spirit as the flower, one expressing a vital becomingness the others its core character. Prayer as thanksgiving is both an act of reflection, one of the soul’s basic capacities and spirit’s joy of loving other.

Supplicant prayer is one of inviting spirit in to inhabit often for some purpose, while not perhaps lesser than thanksgiving, though more capable of being self serving and thus leaving no room for prayer to be answered, as it is the work of spirit to make things happen.

So often in asking, we are not asking for spirit to inhabit us or our lives, but for our will and ego to be satisfied. This is not spiritual prayer, this is egoic utterance.

We pray for this or that to come about which says to spirit, we do not need your creative genius, your heart, we only need your hands, as though a servant to our desire to self selected need or task. Thus we prevent spirit from coming and staying. As above all, it wants container but without insistent limiting. It creates its own routes, time and rhythm.

Spirit can do what it needs to do in a flash or it can stay and circulate. But it requires ego to get out of the way as spirit has only one master, love and union, coherence and perfection. It doesn’t answer well to greed, to selfishness or avarice. It hears our cries from soul fields and responds, by giving us its light we call joy. It answers by making us whole and we call her miracle.

If we sincerely believe that spirit is supreme intelligence and cosmic breath then asking for thy will to be done says to it- spirit’s cosmic intelligence, I have faith in you, you know more than I do. Wise and all seeing, in every direction across time and space thus one sees in the sincerely faithful a certain beatification of the face, a certain calmness in composition, a certain pace in the walk that reflects the tithing of ones life to spirit’s presence, it is deity’s cloak spread across the planet as a never ending and ignobling; making of the poorest, the richest king or queen on earth and thus when we judge the outer things in life, we so often fail to acknowledge the spirit that animates or the immortal soul which inhabits it.

We are divorced from our spiritual inheritance and go about locking out the divine presence. As one might lock out of one’s life , a friend.

A change is upon us on earth, so great as to seem inconceivable, so unnecessary as to be a tragic expression of humankind’s brutality, and yet we are asked to see it and then to address it with calmness, with strength of purpose.

Prayer is a vehicle for transmutation – both of within and without as it makes manifestly clear, our intentions – and thus becomes, a manifest destiny.

Thus when we place our prayers into the world, we add formative, causative forces which because we utter them, become like empty containers asking for spirit to inhabit, to fulfill, to fill fully. Learning how to send a prayer is vital, as some can be shaped and not revealed, some can be uttered and swallowed by doubt.

The release must come on a breath of faith which is a thanking for it’s already having been done, if it be within divine right order. Most people pray with a goal defined and when that specific way is not manifest, there is a sense of self failure or gd and the heavenly helpers having failed us. But there is never failure on the part of deity, there is patterned unfoldment of cause and effect. We are too narrow in our vision to see that what we pray for is often answered, just not as we have preconcieved should be the outcome.

Prayer asks us to have clarity or purpose, devotion of heart to the world we are part of, and love of self as other, other as self. Thus prayer is a unique moment in human life that unites our hope, our faith, our patience, our strength. We become the holy of holies where earth and heaven meet. A sacred vessel where deified light is made conscious, the inner world becomes illuminated by the outer sun of our hearts, the soul unites with the spirit in a sacred marriage and we become the priest or priestess of this conduction.

As one moves towards something new in life, there is also a moving away of what has been known As we attempt to invite creative spirit into our lives, we must reject that which is not supportive of our trust in a sense of destiny. As we reject that which does not support us and adopt new ways, new relations of beingness, the challenge is not to fear the changes, but to embrace them.

8/25 10:45 am

Prayer gives us an opporunity to engage in conscious heart with the godly spirit. It enables the soul to meet its potential future. It enables spirit’s occupation. That is in essence the holy animation of the matrix that from which all manifest things are made of.

Prayer challenges us to speak from the heart and then to listen. Done with conviction of accomplishment, prayer then becomes affirmation and thanksgiving, it is declaration; rather than gesturing outwards to world from incompleteness, we become one with world as totality, from which our spirit essence is derived from.

When we pray for others we unite our spiritual heart with
higher will of deity, with intention to benefit other, we act as amplifying conductor. Where two or more are gathered there is an inner circuitry that makes the sending current stronger for the other who may be in need. Thus, when ten pray together there is an exponential increase relative not to the numbers that pray but their ability to act from unconditional love.

When we utter prayers in unison we create a carrier wave that raises the potential power of the vessels ability to increase the reception of gifts as such. When groups pray in the same way with the same words, there is the capacity to invigorate the carrier wave with stamina, so that it may be capable of generating a standing wave that when procreated—brings back into itself a reflection of its asking or its praise.

Meditation is an incubation, prayer is a divine act of creation, as we engender from our conscious mind, our will and hearts, a vessel to receive with, a pattern to be animated.

The error we often make is that in the praying we anticipate
a particular form for it to be answered in, and when it is not
we blame ourselves and the divine creator. The error in this type of rational judgment is that we are attempting to determine in what fashion spirit will or should answer.

Faith as an element of facilitation asks us instead, to suspend our judgment but to give thanks for the universal divine plan’s way of manifesting. If we predetermine, in what fashion we would conclude our prayer has been answered, is not only to limit the potential outcome, but to hamper the the prayer’s carrier wave’s distribution. We narrow the opportunity for spirit to answer. And narrow our hearts capablity to see the way love answers.

Thus when we pray for this or that outcome, it is not an act of creative thanksgiving, it is a self willing projection.There are different ways of elevating prayer. There can be various tempos and textures to prayer as well as directions and amplitudes. Prayer that is an expression of loving countenance is like a constant wave in which the world is held as potential.

End of rough notes on prayer directly.
J Zohara M. Hieronimus