How to Play and Win at Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world because it is simple and easy to understand, even for beginners. You can win a lot of cash if you can grasp the rules and play it right. It’s a 2 player game between you (the player) and the dealer and whoever wins more points wins the game. is here to help you understand the rules of the game so you can win it easily.


Know Your Cards


There are 8 packs of 52 cards (a total of 416 cards). The value of each card is judged by the number that’s printed on them. Jacks, Kings and Queens are exceptions to that rule as each of them count of 10 points. Ace is another exception and it may count for 1 or 11 points depending on the game.

How it Goes

You can win a game of Blackjack when you have a total of 21 points from an Ace and a 10-value card. Whoever has blackjack wins 1.5 times the amount of the bet. If your hand is lower than the dealer’s, you lose the game; if you have the same score total as them you win your bet back. Since the object of the game is to beat the dealer, you should either get 21 points before the dealer does, reach a final score of less than 21 but higher than that of the dealer or keep letting the dealer draw extra cards until their hand exceeds 21 points and they lose.

How to Play

Many people tend to underestimate it and go in half-baked to play with little or no preparation. This gives the dealer (or the casino) an unfair advantage over the player. If you approach it with a clear game plan, you will be able to multiply your chances of winning.

Practice makes one perfect

This is the key to winning this game. Remember that your dealer, whether you’re in a casino or playing online, is better at this game than you are simply by virtue of the sheer amount of practice they have had. You are already at a disadvantage, and if you go in with little experience you’ll just be setting yourself up for a loss.

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