Summer Solstice 2001

During the time of the 2001 Summer Solstice, I was meditating on how we, as human beings, could do something for the earth that could add a healing influence to the planet’s body itself. I asked, how could we make direct use of our capacity to love and express that love, believing as I do, that it is the love shared between people, animals, nature and divinity that is the catalyst for recovery and transformation?

Solar Prayer

For the past several millennium the planetary prayer motif has been in large measure, a vertically directed prayer, in a certain sense a masculine aspect of prayer. A solar derived form of prayer. At sun up and sun down, prayers are uttered worldwide. Our intention, our desires, our willingness to be vessels for divine spirit to inhabit are uttered, as if from earth to sky, from below to above. The prayers become vertical pillars. What I see is that this is the vertical current in the ocean of space. It is vital to sustain it and to enrich it.

Recognizing this energetic verticalness, between humanity and Deity, vertically in our time/space sense of the prayer being directed to out there and above us, what, I then wondered, would a more lunar orientation versus a solar one, look like?

What I was shown then, June 21, 2001 is what follows. If vertical prayer is a more masculine aspect of our creative beings, then perhaps horizontal prayer would best characterize the more feminine nature of humanity. What if instead of our prayer being organized around that aspect of deity in its vertical nature, we were to pray for the well being of the earth and the Shekinah, the female light of the world, in some horizontal fashion.

Lunar Prayer

The thought came to me in an instant, that human beings could, by doing high tide prayer, definitively increase the amplitude, the range, and significance of the frequency of love world wide and perhaps catalyze radical and healing changes in the world’s water bodies. We could pray with the tides, horizontally oriented prayer.

Water Is An Amplifier

Water we know, scientifically, from countless laboratory and field studies world wide, reflects that which is put in it. In fact, water amplifies thought into a higher state of symmetry. When flower remedies or homeopathic remedies leave their etheric signature in the water, and a person ingests it, healing corresponds. When thoughts of love are put into water, water is changed by it at the molecular level, even showing the properties found in what we call holy water.

We are water beings supported by bones and muscles and skin—but essentially we are water beings. So is the earth. Even its core is thought to be surrounded by a watery layer, as the earth is, on its surface.

High Tide – Earth’s Fullest Exhale

At high tide the earth’s body, that which carries the power of life, meets the shore, kisses us at her most full capacity. High tide is a living exhale. At high tide, the waters are full of the planetary and cosmic life force, pregnant at the edge. If we go to meet her then, and tell her that we love her, a simple utterance, she will then take back into to the deepest part of her nature, via the following outgoing tides, the love of humanity. Telling water that we love her, conjoins us to her and it magnifies the state of love world wide. WE do our part and water will do hers.

The feelings we discharge into water are amplified. Numerous water experiments involving focused intention reveals the way in which human consciousness is transferred to water, stored in it, as well as transferred by it.

Creating a Global Carrier Wave of Love

By taking part in such a simple but heart felt action, we are enriched by honoring the earth’s beauty and needs, and our conscious declaration of love assists her. If many of us, utter our heartfelt care, a multiple gesture of love can create a greater carrier wave of loving symmetry. It is as though by putting the feeling and desire for world love into the water, in this subtle fashion, the love in our hearts, is reflected in the waters of the world. We and the waters, working together in this soft fashion, are in fact spreading loving waters around the globe.

High Tide Prayer is also a restorative way to use human consciousness and prayer. The intention to maximize love on earth, using water as the carrier medium, is a gentle way to increase love and healing and sustainability on our beloved planet for all that lives in the water. As compared to a prevalent direction of discussion these days in speaking of horrific water wars and scarcity and privatization, such thinking is an anathema to the nature of water and its purpose on earth.

So it is, that I ask each of you, wherever you live, either by a water body or not, to check a local tidal calendar, or by visual inspection, to take a few moments when you can at high tide, to be at the water’s edge in body or mind, and to tell her, that you love her. For that matter, whenever you use water, or are by water, try to do the same thing.

Truth is Simple

To some this may seem childish, and while perhaps it has a kind of simple delight, it is in fact, a purposeful application of human consciousness and intelligent awareness. Laboratory studies have already proven the capacity of water to hold a message. So why not make it, a message of love.

If we as a community of human beings, begin to appreciate the power of our focused love, it is a declaration that will ripple world wide. The waters of our earth unite us. Water is not just the medium of the life force on earth, it is the medium through which we are conjoined to the body of earth, and the holy creationing always going on. Putting our love and good intention for the earth’s well being into the world’s waters, could in fact contribute to making all the world’s waters holy, and in our awareness as well. For in fact, water is holy and is the giver of life. Let us honor that together. And know, that sometimes it is the simplest of acts that have the largest impact.

May our prayers, like a stone in the river, ripple out to the world and join others. Together, we can contribute to creating a just and sustainable future, full of love.

And I thank you.

Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus