When I began The Zoh Show , in November of 1992, a daily talk radio program I hosted, which aired most of its nine years from WCBM 680 am in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, the statement, “you have mail,” was used in our house when dividing up the mail. Today, millions of us hear the refrain depending on how many times we use an internet email provider. I say this as a way of shorthand, to show that a decade ago we were still receiving most of our mail via one of the few federally obligated tasks, mail delivery, and yet now we communicate worldwide, literally in seconds. We have displaced in part already, one set of workers and services and replaced or augmented them with another, due to a new technology.

Had someone asked me in 1992 what would be the biggest change in communication, while I might have suggested the computer, I was not even thinking about getting mail in the form of translated binary code.

Now, as a practical mystic, this conjures up all sorts of thoughts, thoughts about Plato’s acuity in declaring that “all is number.” It is. That things are arranged in octaves of similars, very much akin to the musical scale, reveals that all life is vibration. Most often, moderners fail to observe it. And those that do have learned, as the ‘observer effect’ rightly declares, that the mere looking at something changes it, perhaps its speed, its direction, even its mass. We thus have a set of circumstancese regarding our ability to examine the world objectively, that makes clear, we are in a soup of energies. Anything we do, or think or say, stirs it up. Looking at politics, examining current events, promoting or opposing legislation does alter outcomes. But is it the arena in which the citizenry can have the most impact? I no longer believe it is, as I once did, though we must still give it due attention.

With the same speed at which we have moved from physical envelopes being delivered by physical people and airplanes and trucks, and drivers and postal deliverymen and woman on the beat, I believe our understanding of consciousness itself, is about to take such a far journey, in a relatively short span of time.

Granted time and measures of it are sometimes invented, as a way of organizing our life spans, our years, decades and hence centuries and millenium. But time is also unessential to understanding why each of us may be incarnate on earth. Time systems based on the 360 degree arc system, calibrated on the precession of the equinoxes is authentic, a mathematical way of examining our lives. Astronomy and astrology are built on it. But historically, time was treated differently. There were not sound bites,there were poems. There were not jingles, there were symphonies. Simply put, it took longer to do things, for change to take place, for relations to grow, for the effect of our actions to be observed in a far ranging way. Today we peer across the planet via satellites in minutes, and see what impact for instance, geo poltical decisons have. We can even watch on tv, whole communities swept out to sea.

Is the practice of fragmenting our lives into bits of place and time, flash frames, an admission that our life is an on going log of time/ space axis, a crucifixion of matter in spirit? If it is, I have a sense, like many other people on earth, of a certain quikening , as though the more fragmented our sense of life becomes, the faster we alter it. Yet I also believe that our McDonald’s appetite, both for slaughtering billions of animals and for living with reckless abandon because even body organs can replaced, is about to run into the reality of fixed spiritual laws; guidelines that seem to stretch before and after us eternally in our universe. These are laws that are based on the fundmanetal axiom that recognzies all life as inextricably bound up in the moment, as both the full impact of all that has come before it and all that will usher from it . This ancient view point was popularized by the expression, “be here now.”

We shape the future today. We have G-d like powers. What we do matters, literally. What we think becomes matter. Like G-d, we make the immaterial material. To be frank, no government on earth could fight the power of a citizenry fully conscious of their powers of mind. But like our innate talent for remote viewing or telepathic communication, most often, we have left our bio powers unexercised, or they have been routinely outlawed or expunged by inquisition and in our modern era, by loss of tenure or professional post. But my life, and those of billions of others on earth, has included a great range of experiences that defy the modern era’s obsession with control over matter as an expression of dominance, rather than an expression of dominion. Millions of us are aware that ALL LIFE MATTERS. All life is one.

Politics, like much of modern science has fixated on domination rather than doing what is just and sustainable. While the practice of domination suggests the entire universe subject to our personal and collective will, for any desired outcome, the acknowledgement of dominion suggests there is a natural role for humankind as we evolve; that we have a primary role in advancing our society. As stewards of society and the biosphere, we must attend like a nursemaid to its ever changing needs, for its eventual health and maturity.

For me, the message of life, if there’s one I could put on a heavenly bill broad, is quite simple. We are here to help each other, to enhance the perfect divine work we are inheritors of. And it was this fundamental life value that motivated my journey into daily talk radio as the host of a politically driven four, three and two hour program for almost nine years, five days a week. I was, and I made it clear by my activism on air, anxious about the loss of our Republic.

I still believe that we must preserve a system of self government that embodies spiritual laws, as well as man made defintions of limiting government powers. I had hoped that by shedding light on our nation’s conduct, both among our States and our Federal government’s internal and foreign activities, we could alter it. I did what I committed to. I am simply another person in this and other nation’s long line of freedom’s lovers, who believes in the soverignty of the individual soul, person, family, State and Nation and hence planet. If we do not honor the sovereignty of the indivdual within the proper context of law, we ourselves as a space voyaging society may find others just as willing to trample our civilization’s rights, as we ourselves have been practicing on earth for millennium. By doing good deeds, thinking good thoughts, wishing the world and others well , we can compensate in some measure, for the days of regrettable personal or collective behavior.

What I have learned, after a decade of political engagement and analysis, is that the greatest positive changes occur when individual freedom is respected and a person is empowered by knowing the important role they play, in the evolution of the world they are a part of. As I said one day to a long time Zoh Show listener, curious about the start of my new show, Future Talk, and the ending of the Zoh Show, I contrasted the two programs as I saw it. “I spent ten years covering humanity’s hell, alot of the time. But the truth is, I am a cheerleader for paradise on earth.”

Zoh Hieronimus