August 25, 2000

Dr. Leonard Horowitz, President of Tetrahedron Publishing Group, (, and author of “Emerging Viruses, Aids and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional”, joined me recently on the Zoh Show, my national radio program, to examine the West Nile Virus, its origins and it’s role in what, to me, seemed like an inexcusable public health policy.

In his book, Horowitz addresses the West Nile Virus, citing its origins in the military’s biological weapons research. He began by briefly explaining the CIA programs. “The Central Intelligence Agency”, he said, “had a top secret project called ‘MK Naomi’ which is the biological weapons program wherein the viruses fit. It was a subordinate part, according to the United States Congressional Record, of the larger ‘MK Ultra Mind Control and Population Control Program’ that the CIA ran. Many people don’t know that population control is not just behavior control; it’s also depopulation… That is, targeting certain populations for what, today, amounts to genocide. “

During his own elaborate investigation into the man made origins of HIV as we know it today, he found evidence of numerous other man made viruses and cancers injected into the human population in the form of vaccines. Medical history points to the fact that Africa has long been, and is today, a testing ground for such developments.

“This was an on going research program,” he explained, “that the Central Intelligence Agency conducted from, virtually, their inception in the late ‘40’s to almost the current day. The West Nile Virus, in my opinion, stems from, initially, Dawson’s Encephalitis Virus. The Encephalitis Virus is what they called Eastern Equine Encephalitis. That is the technical name for what, today, has been termed the West Nile Virus. According to the United States Government documents that we’ve reprinted in the book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola, you’ll see, for example, that Dawson’s Encephalitis was among the hideous, new, man-made germs that were being experimented with in the West Nile area under a top secret project that was directed by the Army’s sixth top biological weapons contracting firm, called Litton Bionetics, and that’s a subsidiary of the mega-military weapons contracting firm. And, they sent a memo to the National Cancer Institute in 1971, which I’ve reprinted in the book, showing that this Dawson’s Encephalitis was what was being studied there in the West Nile district at that time, at these labs.”

Horowitz was serious and made it clear that documents available in the public domain proved this was so. “Isn’t it interesting” he asked, “that today, again, we are seeing this definitive biological weapons research and development intimately linked to Central Intelligence. Today we call it the West Nile Virus.”

He opined that it is a virus which “is allegedly outbreaking in the New England area,(the New York/New England area) and allegedly demanding the spraying of a known human chemical carcinogen related to Agent Orange, called Malathion, to allegedly kill off the mosquito population that allegedly is infected with this African Virus?” In other words, he didn’t buy it.

Trying to really be clear about what he was telling us, I summarized what I thought he was saying. “So, then, what you are alleging, based on your research of several decades, is that our government was in the Nile region of Northwest Uganda, Africa, a real ‘disposable’ population, where, according to what you’ve found …this virus was released into the population deliberately as a biological weapon by our CIA?”

Dr. Horowitz took no time in reiterating, with further points, exactly that claim. He went further, saying that Richard Preston, author of The Hot Zone, maintains “that these types of viruses, like Ebola and AIDS, just spontaneously mutated in bat guano at the bottom of some deep, dark cave near Northwest Uganda, and that it’s allegedly God’s wrath for man cutting down the African rain forest, and that these viruses just simply jump up humanity’s butt, so to speak. Well, this is an absolutely absurd thesis; it has no scientific validity, and the bottom line is his use of this deep, dark cave near Northwest Uganda, he calls Kitum Cave, it’s actually a metaphor, a cover, for Litton Bionetics Research Labs that was affiliated with the U.S. Government, the National Institutes of Health, and the French agency, called the International Association for Research in Cancer.” The story got worse, as I was afraid it might.

“Now, you suggest that the West Nile Virus is part of a much larger issue, that of population control?” I asked, not wanting to really hear his answer, but it was the obvious question to ask.

Dr. Horowitz recounted some past examples of “spraying tests over the skies of San Francisco, in the New York subway system, in the tunnels of the Pennsylvania Turnpike — there’s a history of the Government (CIA) spraying a variety of chemicals and biologicals under their top-secret projects, and the link, ultimately, to Litton Bionetics, is drawn and made with U. S. Government documentation, including Congressional Records, that show that this organization was the Army’s sixth top biological weapons contracting firm, and all throughout the ‘60’s and early 1970’s , they worked under the direction of Dr. Robert Gallo from the National Cancer Institute. “

Gallo, of course, is a famous man. “ He was the fellow”, Horowitz said, “ who allegedly discovered the AIDS Virus in 1984. Come to find out, he helped engineer numerous AIDS-like, Ebola-like viruses, and, as I mentioned, one government document published on page 452 of the book, Emerging Viruses, shows that Dawson’s Encephalitis Virus, was the name used for what is now called the West Nile Virus…”

The important point Horowitz was making was that the West Nile Virus did not just happen to show up in Uganda nor did it come to America in mosquitoes bodies and infect any crows. The virus was manufactured as a biological experiment, as a weapon. Horowitz didn’t think there was any serious outbreak of the West Nile Virus in New York or Roxbury, Mass. Just like there was never a mosquito-borne outbreak of the West Nile Virus in Uganda. He claimed that instead there was a vaccine induced outbreak of this debilitating biological weapon.

“We actually have one on-site witness,” Horowitz explained to back up his conclusion.“ Dr. Sali, who is on the tape that we published called ‘Horowitz on Vaccines,’ happened to be in my audience the day that we recorded that session. He had finished his doctorate and was a medical doctor. He was working with the American-based, military associated research lab in Northwest Uganda in 1955 and ’56 on, what was called, Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Today, of course, Zoh, you know we have lymphoma all around the world, as a cancer. But, in fact, it never existed before 1955, and much like today’s West Nile Virus, it was also allegedly mosquito-borne. Dr. Sali and the other graduate students, the post-doctoral researchers who were helping the American military experiment with these vaccines, were told that this Burkitt’s Lymphoma cancer, which only existed in young children, came from a mosquito-carried virus. Unfortunately, Dr. Sali and all the graduate students knew, and he testified on this tape, that they were aware that it only broke out in women, and the children of women, who had received vaccines. The vaccines were delivering this particular cancer virus,” he said.

While not an uncommon story in the annals of American military and medical experimentation, it was none the less horrifying. “And, so again, today,” Horowitz explained, “ when you look at the West Nile Virus, it, in my opinion, based on the documents that I’m looking at, it is most likely a distraction that we are told that it is a virus that is spread by mosquitoes. This is most likely a propaganda campaign to initiate the mass-spraying of populations with a long-term-tested chemical carcinogen, a known human chemical carcinogen, Malathion, which is related to Agent Orange.

To consider the impact of what Horowitz was saying was difficult. “You’re saying,” I asked him, “that it’s a very specific population that’s being targeted as part of a depopulation program, and it’s not accidental, in your opinion, and that the Americans being sprayed right now, are not at threat from any foreign borne virus?”

“Absolutely”, he said with certainty. “ I’ll give you a case in point. Just this past weekend, you had CNN explaining that we needed to spray the Boston area. Now, this is a large part of my most recent paper. Again, it’s called “The CIA and the West Nile Virus” paper. This was allegedly done because one crow dropped out of the New England sky and landed in Jamaica Plain, adjacent to West Roxbury, which is the principal black community. Now, of all the places that the dead crow could have landed, it’s interesting that it landed there, among the black people, as well as the poor. This is where they are now spraying… I was just on the phone this past week speaking with people [and] these spraying trucks are coming over and over and over again in the black ghetto areas there.”

Horowitz went further, suggesting that “what is currently on-going, in terms of the ‘non-lethal military operations,’ which is the state-of-the-art in military science, is that you no longer kill populations. You basically incapacitate them and induce chronic illnesses in them, so that then their countries, and the people of the countries, become dependent on the pharmaceutical industrialists, and economically as well as therapeutically dependent. And that is the new state-of-the-art in warfare as articulated in the most modern military documents. So this is what we are looking at. It’s a horrific picture. Very few have eyes to see the truth, or ears to hear it with. “

There was much more to the interview regarding the story of HIV experimentation in Africa, where it is literally killing 60% of the population; seems like pretty big die off to me if it was a deliberate warfare project begun in the mid seventies as Horowitz and others have concluded. Just like famine is primarily a political weapon, Horowitz’s research points to a deliberate effort to eliminate millions of people in the guise of public health projects. His work implicating vaccines as part of the kill off has drawn world attention. While I don’t know if what Horowitz has concluded is accurate, in part because it is such a hard reality to accept if true, I am experienced enough to know that the hallmark of good propaganda is when the truth is impossible to believe. What I am certain of after almost a quarter century covering health care and medical experimentations, is that what we have been told by public heath officials about the West Nile Virus makes no sense at all. Nor has the eradication program made sense for public health care either.

Before we said goodbye, I asked Dr. Horowitz if he thought that the West Nile Virus was part of some sort of bio-terrorism conditioning. “Well, I love your use of the word, ‘bio-terrorism.’ It has intimate connections to the whole issue of bio-terrorism. What is bio-terrorism, in addition to its deployment of actual materials, isn’t it also the process of spreading fear, that some sort of a biological weapon is going to strike? And that’s precisely what the United States’ propaganda campaign over this West Nile Virus and this alleged outbreak in mosquito populations has done. It has induced so much fear in the public’s mind, that the public is actually sitting back and saying, ‘yes, spray us with a known human chemical carcinogen; we welcome it.’ I have a Harvard Masters in Public Health, as you know, in Behavioral Science, and I look upon all this [and] I watch it as an expert in media persuasion technologies would watch something. The sophisticated use of these messages in counterintelligence propaganda to support the literal contamination of… millions of people to known human chemical carcinogens; that’s literally a tribute to Joseph Goebels .”

If he was right, if the virus, like so many others, was man made and delivered via vaccines; that mosquitoes didn’t really carry these viruses; that spraying the population with deadly, warfare -related chemicals had nothing at all to do with protecting them from any harm, but in effect was meant to harm them, what could people do?

“My own recommendation for years has been, as a human being, you’re not like a tree rooted in toxic soil. You can get up and get out. Some people find that very difficult, and in fact some find it offensive that here I am telling people to leave. But the bottom line is, you’re talking about your children’s health and safety, and if you have it within your capacity to move, I would urge people to get out of those communities and areas where the sprayings are taking place. Furthermore, I would really arm myself with the knowledge… Jesus once said that…’my people die of lack of applied knowledge’, and that’s really the truth here… With the documentation that we publish, you see it in black and white. With the testimonies that we’ve relayed by some of the top people in the field, it’s a horrific reality that, again, very few of us wish to brave.”

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Zoh Hieronimus