Estimates of spilled oil “growing exponentially every day”

Published April 1, 2013 by Common Dreams – Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The thousands of barrels of tar sands oil which poured from a ruptured crude oil pipeline on Friday continue to devastate both man and beast alike in the community of Mayflower, Arkansas.

Though the exact amount of spilled oil remains unknown, as the National Wildlife Federation writes, “just as we saw in the early days of BP’s Gulf oil disaster, the number is growing exponentially each day.”

“Exxon Mobil officials said the total amount of water and oil pumped out of a Mayflower subdivision nearly tripled Sunday, reaching 12,000 barrels, or 504,000 gallons, compared with estimates on Saturday that crews had pumped 4,500 barrels,” reports the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Monday morning.