9:00 am 2/21/02

You ask about a mystery we are seldom to speak of. Not that we can’t tell you what you want to know, the challenge is to do so in a way you will hear.

Death is not loss, it is in fact gain. The loss is when the life is not appreciated. When the life is lived without being love or sharing love, That is the only time death is a tragic.

The loss of a child, that is what you ask about. Indeed, the greatest tribulation a human has, is the loss of ones own flesh and blood , for that matter the loss of any small incarnational mass of flesh and blood. You see when the body takes breath, all the other dimensions of life beings are activated in tandem. So that when one conceives a child, all the kingdoms align for that arrival, When the arrival is aborted, or damaged or abruptly ended before life takes place in the physical, it take as long for the energies to be withdrawn back into the world with same amount of joy and love as it did it pulling it down to the world.

To overcome grief, one must find as much joy equal to the sense of loss. Humans, because they cannot sense the other dimension they dwell in, feel the loss and not the joy of the light that the vessel pulls down. Sometimes, we conceive children not to give birth to them, but to give birth to their own freedom.That they do not need to become physcial to learn the reason they serve. Some souls enjoy heaven so much, that state of being, they forget to serve. So they hurry down into incubation, assist in growing the body and then do not occupy it, are themselves denied the opportunity.

It is so they can serve the world in greater ways, not lesser. It is a type of tempering of will. That is how guardians are trained sometimes -to share in the life process briefly in order to remember what humans feel.

In the case of your friend, this little boy was actually his great great grandfather and he would be wise to find out while his mother still lives, a little more about him if possible. He will be able to makes sense of the pattern and how his incarnational stream completes an old genetic cycle of being in the world, an expression of the vanguard. He will be surprised by what he finds.