the field held a silent note
suspended as though by eons
which carried
was impregnated with
the message of divine things
whether by whisper, by touch
or delight of laugh released
showering as though a star fall
they fell to earth
landing at each other’s
finger tips

it was more than the flesh
brighter than spirit
a showering, an effervescence of soul
fully exposed
glimmering in the calmness
of the silence which held them both
at the distance of a breath

the seas of other eras
boated travels and by train
and echo from the journey that stretched
into the distant past
there where their ceremonial robes touched
a brush of the hem
a light nod to the gloved hand
a sword fight
to the end
love fought for and rewarded
life time after life time

like the hay when it is rolled
into bales
and the song of the sun
is chorused by the workers
whose hands
touch the earth’s bodice
her harvest
the skin of our maiden gone golden
inhaled as though a perfume
a bounty and a passing as well

their lives had been harvest
and here the tithing of love
here the tilling of hearts
here the crossing that centers
into the stillness
where everything can be known

their touch was less like flesh and more like light
though the flesh rumbled with the sense of an inner thunder
and lightening in the distance of the organs
where earth arises and
fire in her consumes
or his life fountain held back
against the waiting of their spirits

a godly act
deserves a godly setting

found and found again
each finding as though a new tunnel
each meeting as though a recreating
no moment trivialized
no glances without awareness
no touch without deep listening
to the song of the cells as the
blooded river of heaven in them shown

a dance of etheric light
found on earth
a quiet reverent act
of loving the peace that love enables
bringing order into
a new spring