Basic pesticide reporting is part of a good, transparent government. I urge Maryland’s elected officials to support H.B. 621 and S.B. 700 to create a dedicated fund for a pesticides reporting database that will help keep our families, kids, waterways, and wildlife safe from pesticides.

We need to push the Governor O’Malley Administration and the Maryland General Assembly to pass this bill as it would be a significant first step toward a comprehensive, mandatory reporting pesticide use database. The battle is far from won on the issue of pesticides and to continue making progress, we need your help. If you support a pesticide-use reporting database in Maryland, please sign our petition now.

A 2014 General Assembly bill (HB 621/SB 700) would establish a dedicated fund for a pesticide reporting database through a modest $10 increase on the annual product registration fee paid by pesticide chemical manufacturers. The generated revenue would be used for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on pesticide use in the state.