Dear Dr. Zohara,
Incredible. In the past few weeks, you and over 300,000 other CREDO activists have signed Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s petition to restrict the use of the pesticides that are killing bees.
Now we need to build even more momentum to make sure we create a big buzz on Capitol Hill about the need to save the bees.
Please forward the link below to your friends and family. Then click here to post it to Facebook.
Thank you for fighting to save the bees.
Josh Nelson, CREDO Action
Last month, 50,000 bumble bees died after trees in Wilsonville, Oregon were sprayed with dinotefuran, the neonicotinoid ingredient in Safari pesticide. This was the largest bee die-off ever recorded. With bee populations declining across the around the country at an alarming rate, I urge you to support the “Save America’s Pollinators Act” to restrict the use of these chemicals until we can be assured that they are safe and being used properly. Sign the petition online…