Spiritual Practice

There is no one path to that place within our selves where divinity and identity merge. It is also true that to have a daily practice of some sort is helpful to the life of each person. Whether it is traditional prayers, songs or writings read out loud, silent mediation or guided imagery, allowing sometime in our lives each day for quiet reflection is helpful to hearing the still voice within.

Some people take walks in nature and feel more in balance. Others listen to music or sit in silence. The pursuit of harmony is an important part of life – for it gives each person greater stability in their lives. Whatever your practice is, we are not our practice, but we are the person with the discipline to do the work of spiritual development by having a practice.

Like anything we do repeatedly, we get better and better at the skill. The same is true with spiritual practices – the longer we do them –the greater the benefit we derive as the practice changes us.