Short Answers to Life Long Questions

by J.Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus© 2007/2008


Why are we here?
To remember God is our Creator, to be humble before Him and to take care of each other and all of the earth.

How do we know what we are each to do?
Eventually, everyone finds out, that it is the intention in the action, which is what we are here to do. We are to learn selflessness.

Why do we experience so much suffering?
Suffering is the result of emotional separation. When we do not see the whole of life, we experience what separates things, rather than what unites them. Separation consciousness causes suffering.

How do we bring peace to the world?
Peace is a state of elevated equilibrium, where all elements are given a natural environment to unfold in. While made of differentiated parts, each contributes to the benefit of the whole. This contribution comes from a loving heart, which honors the spirit in everything. Peace comes from group devotion to something greater than themselves and a willingness to integrate the best of all, for the good of all – to become one in awareness and action.

The Value of Searching
When we look for answers, we must suspend our judgment; listen, observe and feel. The answer fills the space we create for it to appear in. It is interesting that to find something hidden, me must be uncertain, while at the same time focused on a certain thing.

Making Boundaries
When we act, in word, thought or deed, we are all learning the same lesson. Do we know the difference between right and wrong? Can we restrain ourselves, so that we direct ourselves from within, towards only what is right? Everything we do comes from discernment, from the visceral to the spiritual level. Boundaries enable proper relations between all things. Establish healthy limits, and the outcome will be liberation.

Holding On
Attachment is fear of the unknown.

Survival is a genetic necessity and a spiritual requisite for all living things. Whether actual or imagined, what we fear drives us to act. It stirs the limbs to motion and the emotions to turbulence. It dredges up buried debris from civilization’s and personal histories. Fear is a kind of blindfolded archeology. It would be better if we could see clearly what we are afraid of, so that it does not cover our eyes.

Everything each of us needs is given to us. Most of us do not see it all around us, and begin to think it is somewhere else. Happiness is like that too.

Life is the Lesson
Each life is a story of redemption. We live in order to exercise the eternal gift of free will.

When we are blessed to have children, we are also blessed with the grace of giving. Unconditional love is like a river. It flows in all seasons.

Walks in the Woods
When we walk in the woods we enter a holy chamber of creation; a fraternity and a maternity of life and decay. Just under the felled tree live the ants. Nearby the fox waits, teaching us that the woods like our lives are wild and native, where quiet is not emptiness but anticipation of sound.

It is interesting, what longing feels like. What other emotion has such a severe pull?
In its purest sense, this is the fire of devotion.

Smiling reveals Gods pleasure.

Home Alone
No matter our age or gender, we are each home alone in our bodies.
Thankfully, there are other houses nearby.

Thanking Others
The gift of giving is reflected by the gift of thanking.